Untamed Photography

Because I am just starting to build a photography portfolio for Second Life, I’d like to offer discounted pricing on services.

I offer finished/retouched photos for a variety of occasions:

  • fashion photography for designers and products
  • fashion photos for models and model portfolios
  • event flyers
  • couples photos
  • escorting or dancer cards
  • portraits
  • … and more

You’ll receive finished photos with full permissions and no Untamed logo on it, but you agree to release rights on the image to me enough that I may use it to promote myself and my business with my logo on the bottom corner.

Introductory pricing:
L$750 per finished photo

This includes a 1-2 hour shoot, after which you can look at the raw images and choose your favourites to be finished in Photoshop. I can take the photos either on location or in a studio. You’re responsible for supplying props, poses and clothing items, but I don’t mind giving some creative direction.
* If text is supplied, it can be added as a graphic element to the image.

View samples via my flickr feed.


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